Milligan-Eagles Project

Milligan-Eagles Project builds on a colourful palette of musical influences from funk to rock, and from straight-ahead to free jazz, inspired by such post-Bitches Brew ensembles as the Gateway Trio and Tony Williams Lifetime.

Showcased are the musical chemistry and camaraderie of three masterful players: guitarist Wayne Eagles, double-bassist Mike Milligan and drummer Billy Kilson.

Nailing the improvisational vibe, the recordings were cut live-off-the-floor in just two sessions at Ottawa’s Raven Street Studios. With little overdubbing or editing, what you hear was what was played-a provocative mix.

Edited, mixed, & mastered on Tetra Speakers. Mastered using BBE High Definition Sound Technology. 
Engineered & mixed by Geoff Mitchell. Produced by Geoff Mitchell, Mike Milligan & Wayne Eagles.


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